SFSU DesignSpace presents Riso Circles : A Collaborative Exhibit about Riso Printing and Community

Event Date: Thursday, November 7 (All day) to Wednesday, December 4 (All day)
Location: Designspace SFSU, Fine Arts Building 115

The students of DES628—Design Gallery are pleased to present Riso Circles: The World in Halftone, a collaborative exhibition about risograph printing.

Through the production of this exhibition, our class has collectively explored risograph printing as a method of community making through the vibrant circulation of designed objects and generoussharing of resources, print techniques, and specialized knowledge.

DES 628—Design Gallery students reached out to siso studios from all over the world about their creative process and output. Generous contributors to our exhibition include:

Atelier Fluo Grenoble, France
Awkward Ladies Club Oakland, California*
Barbarian Books Fukushima, Japan
bearbear Milwaukee, Wisconsin*
Can Can Press Mexico City, Mexico*
Corners Studio Seoul, South Korea
Cold Cube Press Seattle, Washington*
Colpa Press San Francisco, California*
Doe Studio Reykjavík, Iceland
Floss Editions Oakland, California*
Fred Aldous Studios Manchester, UK
Glom Press Melbourne, Australia
Helio Press Melbourne, Australia*
Howdy Printer Portland, Oregon*
Ipsy Bipsy Washington, D.C.*
KLD Repro Copenhagen, Denmark
Les Éditions de la Hyène Paris, France
Lucky Risograph New York, New York
Macolen Mexico City, Mexico
Maison Riso Paris, France*
Martian Press Los Angeles, California*
Mary Yang, Asst. Prof. of Graphic Design, Boston University
Mega Press New York, New York*
My Monkey Nancy, France
New Lights Press Colorado Springs, Colorado*
Niggli Verlag Publishing Sulgen, Switzerland
Perfectly Acceptable Press Chicago, Illinois*
Play Press Oakland, California
Prima Materia Ontario, Canada
RisographRoma Rome, Italy*
Risotrip Print Shop Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
School of Visual Arts Riso Lab New York, New York*
Sad Biscuit Ghent, Belgium*
Super Terrain Nantes, France
Tiny Splendor Berkeley, California*
Kho Muc Saigon, Vietnam*
Todo Eso Tijuana, Mexico*
Vetro Editions Berlin, Germany

Zohara Riso Tel Aviv, Israel*

*Studio interviewed by student

San Francisco State University
Fine Arts Building 115

Nov. 7 – Dec. 4
Mon – Thurs 12 – 4

Opening Reception Thursday Nov. 7   3–5 pm
E-mail: ellenchristensen@sfsu.edu