BAAD “Juneteenth” Celebration Panel Discussion & Public Forum June 19th, 2020, from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (PST)

Event Date: Friday, June 19 - 3:00 pm
Location: ZOOM
BAAD Invitation

In the Celebration of "Juneteenth," also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Liberation Day, the oldest nationally celebrated American holiday commemoration celebrated on June 19th, dating back to 1865, BAAD is organizing a "BAAD" Launching Panel Discussion, featuring Six (6) Activists, Artists, Design Panelists who will present their respective opinion on the Question: “How Does, Black Lives Matter, Factor in Your Creative Expression, or Practice?” Following the Panel Discussion, (11-12p), there will be a Post-Panel OPEN Breakout Session ZOOM "Mixer" to contribute, expand and close out the "Juneteeth" discussion (12-1p)


  • Ricardo Gomes, Professor, School of Design, San Francisco State University
  • Melina Jones, Sr. Visual Designer at Mozilla & SansHype Design, San Francisco

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